Howard’s Say

circa 1990

In 1990 I wrote a column for a national magazine, PIX, the short-lived revival of a once-famous title. I was the news editor under founding editor, David Naylor, who gave me the green light to try to be funny and engaging in a column called Howard’s Say, at the back of the book. The magazine lasted about six months before closing, but we had a good time; at least I did.

On opening The Vault, the first thing I uncovered was a collection of journalism from over the years. Newspapers and magazines, big and small stories, clippings, scrapbooks, photos, the detritus of years spent making a living as a journeyman wordsmith. But, don’t worry. I’m not about to trawl through the scoops, reviews and stories that kept bread on my plate.

However, I will share a number of the Howard’s Say columns, six out of 24, to give a taste and a tone of the time. These are ones I judge rely less on current affairs, the everyday struts and supports of columns, to make their point. Some of them made me smile, even drew an occasional chuckle. I hope you enjoy them too.

Here they are.

#1. A little knowledge

#2. A hard act to follow

#3. Trust me

#4. Knock! Knock! What’s there?

#5. As the nose on your face

#6. When love was new

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